Meet with

christine delpal

Can you tell us about your background?

My career is rather atypical, made of crossings between various professional worlds. I am an ethnologist by training, I have done research for 10 years, mainly in the Middle East, Turkey and Syria. I lived in Lebanon to do my thesis field. At the same time, I was also a professional freelance photographer for the press, publishing or as part of cultural projects (AFAA, Unesco). By combining these two perspectives, I have also designed tours for eco-tourism agencies and participated in development projects with NGOs. A common line to all these experiences is the interest for the other, for the world, with an aesthetic as well as a social look at the beauty and diversity that constitutes it.

What are your ethical and ecological values?

Our approach, inspired by Silk Road caravanners, promotes real lasting exchanges with artisans and producers. Sustainable development means for us as much the sharing of material goods as of knowledge. We use exclusively natural and recycled materials, designing our collections based on an understanding of needs, resources and processes, respectful of man and the environment, and which are specific to each context.

What keeps you going day after day?

People ! And the beauty of the world! The meeting is the horizon and the starting point of my creative and entrepreneurial energy. Building together, cooperating, working in complementarity and sharing is a source of daily challenges, as much as of distant horizons to build another world. I also feel a mystery that surrounds our presence in the world which develops in me an incessant curiosity for discovery and experience. A daring woman! On Tuesday, December 3, 2014, Christine Delpal was nominated "Woman decision maker of audacity" for the year 2013 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon and by the economic magazine Tout Lyon. This trophy rewards women business decision-makers according to these criteria: large-scale project despite moderate initial resources; concept of challenge, risk taking; managerial exemplarity. She was chosen from among 55 other women noted for their talent in running their business. It is also a recognition for the whole team of Karawan who allows each day a "concrete utopia" to come true!