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On the silk roads

Founded in 2004 by Christine Delpal, Karawan Authentique offers a variety of organic soaps and skin care products, which support family businesses in Syria, South India, Morocco and South East Asia.

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Odoo • Image et Texte

Karawan authentic revisits the Silk Roads with exclusive creations in the world of bathing and hospitality, highlighting natural ingredients and artisanal know-how born from the best oriental traditions. Karawan is committed to a solidarity economy and sustainable development approach for the creation of its sectors in Morocco, India, Turkey, Syria, Nepal and Vietnam.

A universe inherited from oriental hospitality bath rituals like so many stopovers revisited by creation. A world of inspiration where beauty is expressed through well-being and sharing. Encounters with a voluptuous nature and its noble materials worked by the hand of man. An art of living where the delicacies offered to oneself and to others cultivate a universe of sensoriality, like so many beneficial trips for the soul and the senses.

Odoo • Texte et Image